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New Beach Themed Medallion is Live + Free Shipping on Order over $15!
New Beach Themed Medallion is Live + Free Shipping on Order over $15!

41 Year New England Football Themed AA/NA Recovery Medallion - 40mm Fancy Chip/Coin - Red/White/Blue


Privately minted New England Patriots football themed Specialty Red/White/Blue AA/NA Medallion - Available in Years 1 to 50. This coin was designed to be a unique and fresh alternative to traditional recovery chips found in meeting rooms. It was made to be bigger, heavier and easier to read. Each of our Patriotic Red, White and Blue coins comes encased in its own capsule making it a great gift for sports fans in recovery.

Features of the Patriots NFL Themed Specialty AA/NA Yearly Anniversary Tokens:

  • Beautiful Red, white, and blue patriotic theme including Double Patriots facing off like a prime time game advertisement!
  • Perfect gift for men and women in Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous.
  • Measurements: Chips are 40mm in size, 3mm thick and weigh 30 grams. True Heavy Metal sober milestone chips.
  • Front of the coin features:
    • Raised Roman Numeral Lettering with unique circle and triangle
    • 'To Thine Own Self Be True' around the face with uniform stripes
  • Back of the recovery chip features the "AA Serenity Prayer":
    • God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.
    • 'Open-Mindedness, Willingness, Honesty' surround the face
  • For long term care, it is best to keep these stored in the coin capsule they come in.
  • High quality raised 3D Graphics.