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White and Blue Twisted Tree of Life Coins now Available up to Year 50 | Free Shipping on orders of $15+
White and Blue Twisted Tree of Life Coins now Available up to Year 50 | Free Shipping on orders of $15+

With Heartfelt Thanks Sponsor Tri-Plated Specialty AA/NA Affirmation Sobriety Medallion

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Original price $19.99
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Introducing our “With Heartfelt Thanks” Sponsor Medallion – a symbol of gratitude and inspiration meticulously crafted with care and dedication. This solid brass gold-plated 34mm medallion, bathed in a soft pink hue, stands as a testament to resilience and the transformative journey toward sobriety. May this medallion inspire and uplift those who hold it, reminding them of the strength within and the gratitude they hold. 🌸🕊️💖

Design Details:

  • Adorned with a shimmering crystal rhinestone on both sides, this medallion exudes elegance and grace. The crystal reflects the inner strength and beauty of those who carry it.
  • Coated with a high gloss epoxy, the medallion shines with a radiant finish, symbolizing the brilliance that emerges from overcoming challenges.

For Sponsors and Women in Recovery:

  • Designed especially for women in recovery, this medallion holds deep significance. It serves as a heartfelt token of appreciation for sponsors who have shared their invaluable experience, strength, and hope throughout the 12 steps of recovery in AA or NA.

Front Design:

  • Bright, cheery flowers grace the front of the medallion, alongside a striking red crystal heart. These elements symbolize gratitude and love.
  • Delicately written words encircle the design: “With Heartfelt Thanks for Being My Guiding Light.” These words express profound appreciation and reverence for the support received.

Reverse Side:

  • A beautiful dove, surrounded by flowers, captures the essence of renewal and peace. The dove represents hope and the promise of a fresh start.
  • At the center, a glitter-burning heart radiates warmth and resilience. The inscription reads: “Experience, Strength, and Hope.” These words serve as a reminder of the ongoing journey toward healing and growth.


  • A yellow rhinestone crystal nestled within the flower adds a final touch of brilliance. It symbolizes the light and positivity found in the path to sobriety.

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