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New Winding River AA Medallion Now Available + Free Shipping on orders of $15+

What are some of AA's Spiritual Principles? Here are 12 great ones!

As we progress as members of Alcoholics Anonymous, our tool-belt will become fuller and fuller. However, many newcomers, and even longtime members, still seek answers to what an AA principle is and how to apply it in their daily life.

Here is a great baseline list of an AA principle for each of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous:
  1. HONESTY – Fairness and straightforwardness of conduct: adherence to the facts.
  2. HOPE – To expect with desire; something on which hopes are centered.
  3. FAITH – Complete confidence; belief and trust.
  4. COURAGE – Firmness of mind and will in the face of extreme difficulty;  mental or moral strength to withstand fear.
  5. INTEGRITY – The quality or state of being complete or undivided; soundness.
  6. WILLINGNESS – Prompt to act or respond; accepted and done of choice or without reluctance.
  7. HUMILITY – Not proud or haughty; not arrogant or assertive; a clear and concise understanding of what we are, followed by a sincere desire to become what we can be.
  8. LOVE – Unselfish concern that freely accepts another in loyalty and seeks his good to hold dear.
  9. DISCIPLINE – Training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character; to bring under control; to train or develop by instruction.
  10. PATIENCE/PERSEVERANCE – Steadfast despite opposition or adversity; able or willing to bear; to persist in an understanding in spite of counter influences.
  11. AWARENESS – Alive and alert; vigilance in observing.
  12. SERVICE – A helpful act; contribution to the welfare of others; useful  labor that does not produce a tangible commodity.

By Unknown Author