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New Winding River AA Medallion Now Available + Free Shipping on orders of $15+
New Winding River AA Medallion Now Available + Free Shipping on orders of $15+

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Bright Star Press

Bright Star Press has been serving those in recovery for nearly 70 years. The term “bright star” refers to letters of encouragement that BSP’s founder wrote to encourage those in recovery to remain steadfast while on their path to sobriety. From that humble beginning, Bright Star Press has grown to serve customers in recovery in every state and several countries. Now, BSP provides fancy, high-quality A.A. coins and medallions featuring a variety of mottos with various colors and designs at affordable prices.


Wendell’s was founded in 1882 as a manufacturer of rubber stamps and stencils. Nearly 100 years later, Bill Westman (a Wendell’s employee and recovering alcoholic), began speaking at A.A. meetings and events. He then decided that he wanted something physical to give to those that attended his events that would remind them of the importance of sobriety and their road to recovery. Westman developed a medallion with a raised center signifying the length of one’s sobriety. These medallions have since become a cornerstone of the A.A. community. Wendell’s continues to produce these medallions and tokens with high-quality materials while priding themselves on their world-class customer service.

Recovery Mint

All Recovery Mint Crystallized medallions are hand-crystallized with genuine Swarovski Crystals by women in Recovery and are backed by a 100% guarantee.